To make you smile

The Decalogue of the trullista of Borgo Marietta:
1) Never book another place after Borgo Marietta: come back here running;
2) Do not steal the eggs of trullo chicken: Volpino and Wolfy will eat you;
3) Eat only figs of Borgo for “purify you” from the stress;
4) The only thing you can steal is the recipe of angry almonds of grandma Tina;
 5) Make 100 pools a day to let the tarallo come down from the belly;
6) Share the trullo daily with your neighbor and not be antisocial;
7) To fight the “mal di trullo” (just back home) returns to Borgo with at least 10 friends;
8) Forget momentarily work: at Borgo, only Mr Domenico can think about work;
9) In Borgo wi-fi is free only to make nice reviews on tripadvisor;
10) Book your trullo for the end of the world: you will survive happy and happy.